Countertop reglazing NYC | 80% Cheaper Than New bathroom & kitchen countertops

Your bathroom or kitchen countertops take a beating over the years. Sure they are durable, but their shine and general look starts to drastically diminish after several years.

Old and damaged looking countertops have an out-sized impact on the overall looks and feel of your kitchen. That’s a nice way of saying slightly countertops detract from your entire kitchen, even if you have new kitchen cabinets or fridge as an example.

From discoloration, cracks, and scratches, most of the time these problems can not be avoided.

Despite the wear and tear over time, your kitchen countertops and bathroom’s counters still are structurally strong and have great potential to look new again.

While tearing out and replacing your laminated countertop may seem like the only option (please, don’t do that!), you can save a lot of time, money & stress by opting to hire professional countertop reglazing experts in New York City.

Central Park Bathtub Refinishing and Tile Reglazing offers you premium look countertop refinishing and countertop resurfacing services. Our expert glazers can restore and rejuvenate your old kitchen and/or bathroom countertops in a fraction of the time and for about 80% of what you would spend on new countertops.

You can stop worrying about the cost and hassle that a countertop replacement project brings with it. By picking us to do your countertop reglazing or resurfacing, you will not only save a lot of money but also a lot of your precious time as well. Most jobs we can complete within 1 day. Yes that’s right, less time than it takes you to drive to the bathroom remodeling store and back!

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Reasons why you should consider countertop reglazing?

Central Park Bathtub Refinishing and Tile Reglazing offers you the best countertop reglazing service in New York.
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There are a lot of reasons on why you should choose countertop reglazing over replacing it. If what we explained in the section above is not enough, below are some more benefits that you will be getting by hiring our countertop reglazing services:

  • Huge cost savings versus the cost of buying new countertops (approx. 80% cheaper)
  • Save time with our time-efficient reglazing methods (most jobs completed in 1 day)
  • Rejuvenate and modernize your countertops (good as new)
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your countertops (we apply a protective covering)
  • Add value to your home by having reglazed countertops (home with nice bathrooms and kitchen often get disproportionate value increases)

Our expert glazers will see to it that your bathroom and or kitchens countertops are restored to their former strength and brilliance.

Countertop Reglazing Service

Having your countertops reglazed is one decision that you will never regret. With the inherent benefits we ran through above, there is no doubt that reglazing is a better option than a replacement for your countertops in just about every situation. Also, by having your kitchen and/or bathroom countertops refinished, you are making these fixtures stronger which leads to lengthening their lifespan.

Now, if your countertops and the cabinets below are just too far gone and structurally weak we will tell you this to advise you that maybe reglazing is not the best option.A lot of people in New York pursue changing their countertops after a few decades. They go with this option because they have not realized that there is a more affordable and efficient option out there. An option which can modernize and bring your kitchen and bathroom into the 2020’s.

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Countertop Reglazing: The Process

To simply put it, countertop reglazing and refinishing involves creating a new surface layer on your existing countertop.

  • We will start by pouring acid on the surface to corrode the existing surface so that the new surface will have something to latch onto.
  • Once the old surface is corroded, our experts will now neutralize the acid so that the new surface will be properly bonded to it.
  • The new surface will then be precisely placed on top of the original. Our professional glazers will now apply acrylic urethane and epoxy primer, and after a period of waiting make your countertops ready to use. And you have a complete new look!

The whole process will only take a day to finish. Compared to the traditional replacement process, which takes a days or even weeks to finish just to do the work (not including the time to choose new counters and cabinets), countertop reglazing surely is the smarter choice for most people.

If you want more information regarding our Countertop Reglazing services please CALL us at 347-754-3906. We would be glad in sharing to you more details regarding this awesome service.

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